X Profile tool

Xprofile is a great profile or widget replacement device for lisa and apple ///. Xprofile may use a compact Flash card to store 2 volumes (odd and even).

This tool was coded to ease CF backups and to use the IDLE emulator to install system and then transfer the system to real hardware.

(See original page from Sigma seven).

More on the profile…

The normal profile uses an unusual sector size of 532 byte (instead of 512). The Xprofile can define 3 different mapping to achieve the 532 byte size. You may use 2×512 byte or a more compact strategy (16*512+20*16bytes per 16 sectors), this is referred as the STAR type in Xprofile documentations.

The Xprofile also write a very little FAT12 partition on the beginning of the CF to avoid accidental formatting when CF are read on a modern computer.

How to use the tool…

Under windows, you may use this great tool (diskimage) to make the raw image:

choose physical drive :

_ write to file : for a CF to emulator transfer.

_ Import from file : when restoring an image (fe with a modified partition).

For now the tool cannot write a whole Xprofile image, so your CF needs to be already formatted by the Xprofile device. Keep this file as a refence (keep a copy).

What the tool can do:

_ take a raw profile image from the IDLE emulator and insert it in a CF image.

_ extract a raw profile image from a CF image and run it in the IDLE emulator.



_ 5Mb profile only

_ STAR types 04 and 06 only

Use cases…

the tool parameters are (in classic cryptic UNIXish syntax):

xprofile_tool [extract04|replace04|extract06|replace06] [odd|even] [image] [idle_image]

first parameter is command and STAR type

extract04 to extract à 04 STAR type raw image from a CF raw image (to use with emulator).

replace04 to replace in a CF raw image (already formated with 5Mb STAR Type 04) with an emulator raw image (fe my uniplus image).

So, to extract the system you use on your Xprofile:

_ check if you use odd or even partition (you may have 2 different partition on a CF or an HDD).

_ check your STAR model (the Xprofile displays it).

_ extract raw whole image with diskimage to whole.raw

_ type xprofile_tool extract04 odd whole.raw profile.raw 

_ then copy the profile.raw in IDLE emulator directory

_ start IDLE and play with your system

to install on X profile a system image from IDLE:

_ format on your Xprofile odd or even partition with STAR model 4 or 6, a 5Mb partition

_ extract raw whole image with diskimage to whole.raw

_ type xprofile_tool replace04 odd whole.raw profile.raw (for a 4 STAR type and odd partition).

_ copy the new whole.raw image to your CF

_ reinstall the CF in your Xprofile

_ boot your lisa 🙂