Apple Lisa emulator

I dreamed about this machine as I was a child in the early eigthies. A french periodic named “micro systeme” made some very interesting posts about lisa and smalltalk. It became a computer I wanted to had to my little collection. I saw some on ebay, much too expansive for me…I tried emulation but mess driver was buggy, and Ray’s emulator (lisaem) was not published yet, and seemed a bit abandonned.

So I started to code…

IDLE is incomplete draft of a lisa emulator…
The keystone was the 68k emulation core. I first used the Castaway (Atari ST emulator for dreamcast (derived from FAST)), I replaced this core with the more common Musashi core (also used in MAME and MESS).
Some weeks later, Macworks booted successfully.
Some weeks later… Ray finaly made public lisaem.
Month later, IDLE booted lisa OS, then the 2 UNIXes made for lisa (XENIX and UNIPLUS).

IDLE needs some work to be complete, the 68k core is not yet perfect (’cause bus error are not perfectly emulated in special cases).

I also need to write back corrections made in the Musashi core in MAME and MESS.

The project is not hosted here but on sourceforge:  The IDLEproject on sourceforge

Lisa is not a (totaly) dead computer, you may find some activity on the lisalist (google groups) and lowendmac

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