A MESS driver for exelvision EXL100

This driver was started by R.Nabet and reworked by Wilbert Pol following dump of 7041 chip by torlus.

This page is about my own experimentations around this driver. 

The modified files are here (applies to SVN version of date 26/02/2010 so a post 0.136 version)






30/05/2014 : some work done on the driver. Since 5220 was improved patch is not usefull anymore, now exl100 can display its logo (mostly with the same modifications than in 2010…)

01/03/2010 : communication between 7020 and 7041 begins to work, but the tms7000 emulation core needs modifications to handle correctly IOCNT register.

25/02/2010 : the driver stops very early in booting process. 7041 does not send correct bytes (do not need to swap even if schematics tends to go this way). After correction, Tms5220 now accepts too fast speech frames and does not issue correct flags at correct times. So 7041 is stuck after the first set of frames. => need to patch 7041 rom to go a bit further (see rom images).