Exelvision exl100 emulator

When I was young, I considered this machine a bit strange, and I did not like it much… now I know why…

Anyway, emulating this beast is an interesting exercise, Texas instrument documents are precise… Also, missing information makes you practice reverse engineering.

But, this machine is very low powered, and the awfull keyboard does not help…

This emulator derives partialy from MESS unfinished driver by R.Nabet

CPU emulator module for TMS7xxx was written by T.Linder (for TI CC40 emulation).


This emulator is unfinished… but is now somewhat useable…

Latest version R0.8

For older versions and news… Just learn French 😛

Source code

Project is hosted on sourceforge.

Most of online exelvision related items are on Fabrice’s site : www.exelvision.fr

The most advanced exelvision emulator for now is Daniel’s DCexel